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Wyrestorm MX-0808-H2A-MK2 8:8 HDMI mátrix LAN vezérléssel

Wyrestorm MX-0808-H2A-MK2 8:8 HDMI mátrix LAN vezérléssel
Cikkszám: MX-0808-H2A-MK2
Elérhetőség: Raktáron vagy 1 héten belül


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Termék adatlap (PDF)


  • Uncompressed HDMI signal distribution supporting full 18Gbps bandwidth and 4K/60 4:4:4 video content
  • Compatible with latest HDR video standards including HDR10, HDR10+ Dolby Vision and HLG
  • Balanced analog and digital S/PDIF audio de-embed for distributing audio to an amplifier or DSP
  • Each HDMI output supports 4K to 1080p downscaling to support mixed resolution systems
  • Output downscaling controlled intuitive web UI or API commands
  • Automatic or manual CEC power triggering of displays through HDMI outputs via API. Allows custom CEC commands to expand compatibility with displays.
  • Audio Return Channel supported on all 8 outputs allowing up to 5.1 audio from smart TV apps to be distributed to external audio systems such as an AVR or stereo amplifier.
  • Supports AV Mute for enabling disabling HDMI outputs per zone
  • API triggered standby mode puts unit into low power state during downtime
  • EDID Management through API or front panel buttons
  • 1U 19” chassis for convenient installation into standard equipment racks

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